Motorcycle Gear Guide

Getting to Know Your Motorcycle Safety Gear

If you are new to riding motorcycles, or maybe just plain curious, riding a motorcycle safely, requires the use of the proper safety equipment. there are five main pieces of safety equipment/gear that are both recommended and required by law. It is recommended that motorcycle drivers always wear a proper helmet, gloves, boots, jacket and pants. Wearing the correct gear could make a world of difference during the unfortunate incident of an accident or crash.

What is so important about Helmets?

Choosing a properly tested helmet is extremely important. In the United states, all approved helmets are tested and authorized by the DOT, or Department of Transportation. The DOT has a safety standard that was created through a series of safety tests that a helmet must pass before being approved for roadway use. The absolute most important piece of safety equipment for Motorcycle riding is the Helmet.

    • Skull Protection – Skull protection is the most important safety feature of a helmet. Aside from protecting you from serious or fatal brain injuries, a helmet protects your face during an accident. Many times motorists will be thrown or dragged across the pavement after getting into an accident. Some cases, the helmet was dragged so far and so long it was shaved and flattened down on one side by the asphalt. All it takes is one false move that could cause a brain injury with a lifetime of consequences. This brings us to the next point.
    • It’s the Law – A helmet protects your life, which is why wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is a rule enforced by law enforcement. Wearing a helmet not only can save your life, but having a face shield to stop the bugs from hitting your face, which is not only gross, but could pose a potential hazard to your visibility.

Why are Motorcycle Boots Important?

Specifically what we are referring to when we say motorcycle boots are over the ankle boots. Motorcycle boots must go above your ankles and must have a strong build quality. What you don’t want is to be thrown out of your training shoes and have your bare feet dragged across the ground. Don’t think your toes would appreciate the negligence.

What Protection does a Motorcycle Jacket Offer?

Motorcycle jackets come in a variety of different materials to be worn for different conditions. A motorcycle jacket is used as an insulator that protects you from the elements. Being exposed to the elements makes motorcycles cold more times than hot. Aside from keeping you warm, a jacket will protect you from a lot of cuts and bruises in case you are involved in an accident. Public roads are not kind to bare skin. Besides a bad case of road rash, being dragged across asphalt or concrete could literally peel layers of skin off your body like a cheese grater, causing excruciating pain that requires lots of treatment and time to heal. That is why we recommend finding jackets that are suitable for different weather conditions. This ensures you always have something to protect your body no matter how hot or cold the weather is.

Why are Motorcycle Pants Important for Safety?

Have you ever touched your bare calf to a hot exhaust pipe? Not a fun thing to do. You also need to consider the strength of the fabric in your pants. Cotton pants, like jeans, offer little to no protection at all against the roads. In some accidents, the jeans are literally ripped off of the rider because of how easily it is ripped apart by asphalt. But don’t worry, we’ve come a long way from the leather and nylon pants days. Now you can find jeans that are fitted with kevlar. Specifically designed for accident safety. But hey, who says the speed racer Kevlar and nylon isn’t cool either. It all depends on your riding style. Just remember to never compromise safety for your looks. Your body can be permanently damaged after a motorcycle accident.

What Role Do Gloves Play in Motorcycle Safety?

When we are falling what do we do out of natural instinct? We extend our arms and try to create a natural shock absorption with our hands and arms. This can be extremely harmful and often causes many broken bones, fingers and other injuries to the upper body. Wearing gloves with the proper protection and padding could make a night and day difference in the outcome of an accident. Always make it a priority to protect all body parts that are exposed to the roads. You are not protected like in a car, and you don’t have airbags to absorb the impact.

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