Motorcycle Defects Causing Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, motorcycle defects causing wrongful death are common. And just like accidents involving cars and trucks, accidents involving defective motorcycles can cause serious injuries or deaths.

What Common Motorcycle Defects are There?

Basically, any component of your motorcycle could be flawed, although some flaws are more frequent than others. These may consist of:

  • Engine flaw – A motorcycle’s engine flaw may cause it to stop all of a sudden. If the motorbike rider is on a roadway where vehicles are moving quickly, the risks are increased.
  • Defective tires – For any motorcycle, stability is essential. You run the risk of veering or, worse yet, losing control if your tires are faulty. Even after numerous deaths, there are cases where the manufacturer refuses to admit that there is a problem.
  • Design defects – Sometimes motorcycle producers choose appearance over functionality. One of examples – forgetting about those who ride in the rain. Once, Suzuki did not design SV325 motorcycle with rainfall in mind. The rainwater might get into one of the cylinder’s spark plugs and prevent ignition!
  • Steering issues – Obviously, steering and handlebar issues can make you drift outside of your lane. Also, make you unsteady, or worse, prevent you from turning to avoid colliding with another car.
  • Bad brakes – A motorbike rider’s worst nightmare is to experience brake failure. So, the NHTSA encouraged Harley Davidson to do a voluntary safety recall in 2018. It was because of the brakes that weren’t working properly. Obviously, Harley Davidson first refused to acknowledge there was a problem. They accused riders of failing to service their brake fluid as advised. The company ultimately complied with the NHTSA’s request.

Who Exactly Will I Be Suing for a Motorcycle Defects Causing Wrongful Death?

Overall, your injuries from a defective motorcycle accident may be the result of several different parties. These may consist of:

  • The maker of motorcycles
  • Tire manufacturer
  • An organization that produced parts
  • The motorcycle’s designer’s firm
  • Those in charge have failed in their duty to offer reliable, safe motorcycles to customers.

As a result, multiple defendants might be sued. Usually one files a product liability claim. This part of personal injury law makes sure to bring to responsibility the ones who caused the accident.

What does product liability law mean?

Each year, defective or subpar products injure thousands of people in the United States. Product liability law is a branch of law that governs accountability for damage brought on by faulty or subpar products. This corpus of legislation is different from typical injury law, even if these regulations occasionally make it simpler for accident victims to recover damages.

Product liability law covers motorcycle accidents caused by faulty components and design, unlike other types of auto accidents. When a defective product ends up in the hands of a customer, a manufacturer or seller may be held accountable under the concept of product liability. All suppliers involved in the product’s distribution chain are liable for any injuries brought on by a defective product.

A Motorcycle Defects Causing Wrongful Death of a Loved One. What Legal Options Do I Have?

Yes. You have the right to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against people who contributed to the loss of a loved one if you are their next of kin. The pursuit of justice and financial reward can aid you and your family in coping with your loss. Even if nothing will ever fully restore what you have already endured. During such a trying period, it can also offer much-needed financial piece of mind. The KAASS Law can help you in wrongful death accidents. If your lost a loved one in an open-door motorcycle accident, visit KAASS Law website by following the link.