Motorcycle Collisions Caused By Lane Splitting

Motorcycle collisions are brought on by lane splitting due to drivers’ carelessness in checking for motorcycles driving between lanes. A motorcycle rider would sometimes ride between two lanes of traffic, typically between vehicles. A driver is not permitted to use a portion of a motorcycle rider’s lane. . If a collision occurred as a result of the driver obstructing the motorbike rider’s lane, that person could face legal consequences.

What Can Lane Splitting Risks Lead To?

There is enough space for automobiles to travel safely next to each other, but the lanes are not wide enough even for drivers to drift out of their lanes in heavy traffic, nor are they wide enough for motorcycle drivers to try to drive safely on the lane lines, between rows of traffic. There are numerous accident scenarios that can occur when a motorcyclist tries to squeeze between car lanes. He or she may collide with a side mirror, causing a loss of control. The motorcyclist could then collide with other vehicles, potentially causing a multi-vehicle crash.

Splitting Lanes in Moving Traffic

The majority of the time, drivers do not continually seek for motorcycles moving in and out of lanes of traffic. The driver may not notice the motorcycle until the very last second when attempting to change lanes, forcing the driver to drift into other vehicles and possibly triggering a catastrophe. In addition, a driver who unintentionally sees a motorcycle changing lanes may hit the brakes hard, causing a rear-end collision.

Lane split motorcycle collisions could result in the rider suffering serious wounds. However, when a motorcyclist who is lane splitting causes a collision, drivers and passengers of vehicles might also sustain injury.

What Are Possible Causes of Lane Splitting Collisions?

If traffic is making them late for work, a motorcycle rider may try moving in and out of other vehicles to go more quickly. In addition, a frustrated driver may try to cut through it, increasing the risk of an accident. A inexperienced motorcycle rider could think they have the necessary skills to squeeze between cars. The rider could still lose all control of the motorcycle in this minimum space, which could result in serious motorcycle collisions.

How Can Safety Precautions Prevent Motorcycle Collisions

Some lane splitting safety advice is as follows:

  • Continuously be on the alert for nearby vehicles.
  • Drive with your headlights on and wear anything visible.
  • When moving through a car’s blind area, take caution.
  • Drive a little bit quicker than the traffic flow. Avoid cutting across vehicles that are traveling slowly.
  • Watch for indications that a car may be changing lanes, including the driver glancing in the side or rearview mirror.
  • Return to the lane when traffic reaches 30 mph.

When they are in a crash, bikers are likely to sustain very serious injuries. As a result, this causes accidents in the future.

Claiming Damages Following Motorcycle Collisions

Due to drivers’ lack of awareness of the road, lane splitting results in motorcycle accidents. You have the right to pursue financial compensation for injuries if a motorcyclist was at fault when the crash happened. You can develop a convincing case against the responsible party with the aid of a KAASS LAW attorney.

On the other hand, it may be evidence of driver carelessness if a rider was hurt in a collision. However, if the accident was not your fault as the biker, a personal injury lawyer could be able to support your claim.