Laying Down Your Motorcycle During An Accident

Laying down one’s motorcycle is a common strategy for riders to escape a serious motorcycle accident. To avoid being hurt, the rider puts the bike down to avoid colliding with the other vehicle. A motorcyclist may have prevented potentially fatal injuries, such as a traumatic brain damage, by doing so. While this act may have saved a life, there are other dangers associated with laying down a motorcycle. Laying a bike on the ground might have catastrophic effects.

Why Do Riders Lay Down Their Bike During An Accident?

To fully comprehend the dangers related to this action, it is necessary to first consider why it is being performed. For years, the concept of laying down a motorcycle has been promoted as a means of preventing severe injuries. Many people have survived injuries or even death by taking this route.

These people, on the other hand, have only defied the odds. Experienced motorcycle riders are generally aware that maintaining control of their motorcycle increases their chances of surviving a catastrophic motorcycle accident. When someone decides to put down a bike, this is the root of the problem.

Losing Control After Laying Down Your Motorcycle

Some people will purposely put down their bike to come to a complete stop. Unfortunately, if they do this, they also lose all control over their bike. When a person falls to the ground, he or she loses control of the direction in which the motorcycle goes. This means they could collide with a boulder, a car, or even drive off the road.

The bike lies on a small piece of metal and plastic when it lies on its side. There is no traction between the bike and the road in this situation. Riders risk obtaining major road rash, bone fractures, and hitting their heads on an object as they slide over the pavement. To increase their chances of coming to a standstill, a driver must increase the amount of traction between themselves and the road. This is why the motorbike tires are so crucial.

Rely On Your Bike’s Handling Abilities

Instead of attempting to lay down the bike, it is usually preferable to rely on handling skills. People must first and foremost apply their brakes.   This will enable the motorcycle to come to a complete stop as soon as possible, potentially preventing an accident. Then try shifting your weight to the rear of the seat. This will distribute the weight evenly across the bike. People will have better control of their bike if the weight is distributed evenly. Finally, try to hold the bike’s gasoline tank with your knees or thighs. This will aid in staying on the bike and in the correct position. Individuals can maintain control by staying on the bike.

The rider will be capable of increasing their chances of avoiding an accident by following these steps. Riders who fall off their bikes run the risk of serious injury. Stay on the bike and rely on handling and motorcycle technique instead of leaving their fate to luck. This is preferable for the sake of everyone’s safety.