How to Overcome and Prevent Rider Fatigue

Riding a motorcycle is far more physically demanding than driving a car. As a result, it is common for motorcycle riders to experience fatigue during long rides. When this happens, it is important to know how to overcome the fatigue, and how to prevent it next time.

What is Rider Fatigue?

Rider fatigue is a general term that describes the tired or sleepy feeling that riders experience sometimes. This feeling can come up during both long and short motorcycle rides. On your bike, the fresh air combined with the loudness of the road and the position you are sitting in can definitely drain you. In addition, we always have to change gears, balance our bike, counter-steer, keep our hand and foot on the brakes, etc. So riding a motorcycle is no easy or simple task. It takes a lot of consciousness and awareness, which takes energy.

Rider fatigue is a common cause of motorcycle accidents. If you are not completely alert while riding, it can affect your reaction time. Riding your motorcycle while feeling drowsiness is likely to put you in danger.

How Can I Overcome Rider Fatigue While Riding?

Experiencing rider fatigue in the middle of a ride can be frustrating. You have somewhere to be, but your eyelids feel heavy and your body feels exhausted. So what should you do in such a situation?

Avoid coffee and sugary drinks: A good coffee or cold soft drink might definitely wake you up for a little while, but your drowsiness will get even worse once these wear off. Instead, we recommend drinking cold water and staying hydrated, as the wind that hits you while you are riding can dehydrate you and make you more tired.

Make a stop: Take some time to stop somewhere. Hydrate, eat something that will give you energy, and exercise. Yes- exercising will wake you up! Sitting down on your motorcycle for a long period of time can contribute to the tired feeling. Therefore, taking some time to walk around or do something like jumping jacks will give you energy and wake your body up.

Eat smart: When we say stop and grab some food, we don’t mean something greasy and heavy. This will probably make you more tired. We recommend eating a small meal, to avoid going into a food coma. In addition, it is smart to avoid foods that are heavy in carbs, fat, or sugar, as your body will slow down even more in trying to digest.

How Can I Prevent Rider Fatigue?

Experiencing rider fatigue is frustrating and annoying. It is enough to make you plan ahead to avoid it happening to you during the next ride. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent rider fatigue.

Plan ahead: In addition to planning your route, we recommend planning when and where you are going to stop. If you are planning a long distance motorcycle ride especially, you should have some idea in your head of how often you will stop and where.

Get rest: If you know you have a long ride coming up, or that you will be traveling back and forth on your motorcycle, you would be wise to get a good night’s sleep the night before. Being well rested can make a huge difference in how you feel and how your body feels while riding.

Take snacks and water: Having snacks and water on you to stay energized and hydrated is a great idea, especially for shorter rides. Experiencing fatigue during a short ride can be annoying. You may not want to make a stop just to get water and snacks. Having them packed with you will save you time, and be accessible as soon as you feel drowsiness coming on.