Have I Suffered a Brain Injury from my Motorcycle Accident?

Have I Suffered a Brain Injury from My Motorcycle Accident?

What we like to stress about all accidents, is that everyone’s body takes an impact differently. You may feel pains right away or it may take a few days for your body to settle and show symptoms of injury. Generally, motorcycle accidents tend to impact the body more significantly than a car accident. Being exposed on the road leaves a motorcyclist more susceptible to serious injury.

Like all roadway accidents, motorcycle accidents must be taken seriously. A minor headache could be an indicator of a severe underlying injury. Do not ignore small symptoms, see a doctor. Signs that indicate a brain injury could be physical, emotional, cognitive or sensory issues.

Physical Effects Following a Motorcycle Accident

You may experience headaches, dizziness or even become physically fatigued days after an accident. These symptoms could also result in a change in sleeping habits.  More severe symptoms might occur at the time of the accident. A motorcyclist, who is hit hard enough, may lose consciousness. A physical brain injury could also cause vomiting, nausea and slurred speech. If you experience any of these symptoms, see a doctor right away; these may be signs of a brain hemorrhage.

Losing consciousness will affect nearly all senses, impairing your ability to function. Impairment of senses could include a number of symptoms like sensitivity to light, blurred vision, changes in taste, sensitivity to noise and ear ringing. Although you may not feel pain, these symptoms are indicators of an underlying brain injury. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical consultation.

Psychological Effects Following a Motorcycle Accident

A brain injury could emotionally affect an individual. In some cases, victims of brain injury experience spells of depression and constant changes in mood. The emotional effect of an accident could also make it harder to concentrate and impact short term memory; affecting an individual’s cognitive ability. Impairing decision making and normal day to day tasks that seemed easier before the accident.

All symptoms listed above could be indicators of serious underlying brain damage. If you experience any of these symptoms within a few weeks of an accident, seek medical attention immediately, do not brush it off.

What To Do Following a Brain Injury Following a Motorcycle Accident?

Step one, seek medical attention, and make sure you are not in a life threatening condition. 

Next, speak with an attorney. Give them a run down of exactly what happened. You pay for insurance to drive on the road, and in many circumstances, people who are hurt don’t have to pay out of pocket. Personal Injury Attorney’s specialize in financial recovery from injuries. Most PI Attorney’s offer free consultations.

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