Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Chances of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

According to recent studies, riders are 28 times more likely to die in an accident than car drivers. California has some of the country’s worst road infrastructure. There are numerous confusing intersections. Fatal motorcycle accidents with cars and other vehicles are more common than you might think. There is a general bias against riders. Riders are frequently regarded as reckless and, in most cases, negligent by police and others. Bias against motorcycle riders leads to claim denials or limits on claims. It is extremely difficult to file a claim for the negligent party in a bike accident.

Increased Motorcycle Crash Risk

California, also known as the “sunny state,” provides motorcycle riders with beautiful scenery and great weather. Every year, a large number of riders visit the state. Many of its residents use their savings to buy a bike. The number of fatal motorcycle accidents rises across the state. California is the state with the most bikes in the country. Every year, it sets new records for bike sales. There are currently over 800,000 motorcycles. A motorcycle accident lawyer can tell you that the state has the highest rate of motorcycle injuries in the country. Many bike accident cases require the legal assistance of a motorcycle accident attorney each year.

Never, Ever Refuse Medical Attention

We have already discussed how motorcycle riders are more likely to die in a bike accident than car drivers. Bikes are small open vehicles and lack the necessary safety features.
As a rider, you are more vulnerable to life-threatening accidents and must seek immediate medical attention. Extending medical care or assistance can result in complications that worsen your medical and financial situation. It would be beneficial if you went to a medical facility. Your injuries could be officially evaluated, documented, and treated there. You must keep a record of all medical bills incurred as a result of the accident. As keeping proper records increases your chances of receiving fair compensation. Following an accident, you may discover that there are no obvious or visible injuries. However, some symptoms can take time to appear. If you admit at the scene of the accident that you are didn’t have injuries, you give up your right to financial recovery. Because insurance companies are not required to pay out if the incident does not cause bodily injury to the party.

Your Will Need Additional Insurance Coverage

This is something you might not hear before an accident happens. Even so, a motorcycle accident lawyer can tell you that if you’re riding a bike, you will need more insurance coverage. Mostly, California riders have minimum insurance coverage. This means that in the event of a motorcycle accident, the insurer will not pay out more than the coverage limits. Depending on the severity of the injury, a rider may incur significant medical bills. Brain and spinal injuries can cost millions of dollars over the course of a person’s life.

Most likely, a rider will sustain serious injuries. Medical bills for these injuries will quickly exceed the defendant’s or at-fault driver’s insurance coverage. Attorney will be able to advise you. Your health insurance will cover your medical expenses even after your personal injury claim is approved. Therefore, having an experienced bike crash attorney on your side can help you sue the negligent party for financial compensation.

What Is California’s Motorcycle Accident Statute of Limitations?

If you have an accident, involving a personal injury, the victim has two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit in California. Failure to file legal action against the negligent party within the time limit may result in no recovery.

Many victims believe that two years is more than enough time to sue the negligent party. We recommend you do not wait. After an accident, your first priority should be to seek medical attention. Only then you should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer.  You have to collect evidence and information while it is still fresh. It will help you build a stronger case. Second, you don’t have to approach an attorney at the last minute. Because they need time to plan your case. They should gather evidence, and negotiate on your behalf with the insurer.